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Choppers Custom Works has been committed to providing all of your motorcycle needs since 2007 when it was established by Owner Tom O’Marra.

With a passion and love for motorcycles, the O’Marra family is dedicated to serving its customers & servicing all sets of wheels with the best quality care.

Customer service is the number one priority at Choppers and that’s why we’re not satisfied until you are!

Come for a ride to Dunnville today!

Tom started Choppers in his backyard in 2007 while working full time at a local welding shop. He spent many nights working until the wee hours of the morning to build what you now know to be Choppers.




Tom is the fearless leader of Choppers. If you pop by the shop, you'll likely find him behind the parts counter, although he likes to turn the wrench in the shop when he can. 

In his spare time Tom likes to relax because the spare time is minimal! You can find him on the couch with a cold drink, hanging with the love of his life... Sandy.

Nick has been with Choppers since 2013. He's a licensed mechanic so if you bring in your vehicle for service, there's a good chance it's Nick that will be working on it. 

In his spare time Nick likes to go riding, whether on an ATV, motorcycle, snowmobile, boat, or fast car at the track. 



1353 Hwy 3 E. Dunnville, ON

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